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Marketing and real estate agency.

At Homerun Brokers we got the memo – we know your successful property search means connecting you with your goals and achieving what you have strived for. When you pass the baton to us, our first aim is to connect with you and understand you. Our international team of strategic-minded real estate professionals thinks on its feet and guides you. We have all Marbella and its surrounds covered – in up to eight languages.

Homerun Brokers is all about experienced teamwork. We bring you buying, rental and sales expertise, as well as investment management services. The focus is on the best Marbella has, from premium villas to luxury apartments. Whether it be a rental before you buy, holiday residence to own or a property to earn from, we go the full nine yards to find it. With access to a complete range across the market, the legwork is all down to us, without you having to go via many agencies. 

Meet the team.

Eric Ebbing

Founder and Managing Director

Eric’s entrepreneurial career started at a young age back in Malmo, Sweden. With a passion for music and a keen interest in the hospitality sector, Eric founded “Big Slap”, one of Sweden’s largest, annual music festivals.

Looking to keep challenging his creative mind, he started investing in real estate. In 2017 he decided it was time for a change and moved to Marbella. Whilst continuing his journey in the property development and investment sector, in 2018 he also founded Occo, a Lebanese restaurant and now a Marbella hotspot. After being involved in the Marbella real estate market for three years, he founded Homerun Brokers in 2020.

Eric is a sharp and resilient sales individual who understands the true value of relationships . This has been key to his success.

Rickard Delér


With an exceptional background in construction, including extensive knowledge of valuations, project management and finance, Rickard is lead ambassador for Homerun and works closely with the team.

Having started his first enterprise ages 18, Rickard knows how to run a business and lead it to success. He moved to Marbella a decade ago and has been an active property investor ever since, initially co-founding Homerun Brokers in 2020.

Rickard’s passion for real estate is clearly visible on his social media channels where he shares his renovation projects with his approx. 250,000 followers.

Miah van de Bilt


Miah was born in Thailand and brought up in Luleå, Sweden. After enjoying many years working in tourism, television and project management in various countries, including the U.S.A, UAE, Germany, Hungary and The Netherlands,  she settled in Spain in 2010.

Since then she has lived and breathed Marbella’s real estate for this past decade. Her specialty is investment properties and finding those “hidden”, off-market gems. She is a passionate entrepreneur and at the same time a very proud and loving mother of four.

Miah speaks Swedish, English, Dutch and German. She has a positive vibe, a natural way of getting along with any type of person; straight to the point, effective, she will always give you the honest truth. Miah gets things done with sincerity mixed with passion and respect – and is in it for the long run.

Matias Concha

Real Estate Broker

Prior to joining Marbella’s fast-paced real estate scene, Matias played professional football for almost 20 years. He spent five years in the German Bundesliga and played for the Swedish national team as well as many years in the Swedish League. In his time he became Swedish champion three times and double cup champion with Malmö FF and Djurgårdens IF.

Having lived in numerous places all over the world, Matias is fluent in Spanish, English, Swedish and German. With his winning mentality and strong negotiation skills, Matias likes to team up with his clients and be a steady hand guiding them towards their goal, offering a smooth experience while navigating through Marbella’s increasingly complex real estate scene.

Matias always delivers only the best level of service to both his buyers and vendors.

Robert Bazo


With a long track record in sales and a determined mind, set on achieving his goals, Robert is a young and ambitious individual with a strong work ethic. For him work is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. Robert has lived all over the world and is always eager to learn new things – everything from becoming a skydiver to a self-defence instructor.

Having Russian and Armenian blood makes him pretty unique. He is fluent in Swedish, English, Russian and Armenian.

Robert has a very creative and results-focused way of thinking – he never sees a problem, only the solution. He always brings humour and laughter to our daily work by being true to himself.

Julien Collet


Julien is a multilingual, German / French national with over 19 years’ broad and comprehensive real estate experience. Having spent the majority of his career on the client side, he has acquired, developed, asset-managed and sold a variety of properties ranging from single residential units to large-scale mixed-use developments across the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

In January 2015 he switched sides and started his own consultancy and brokerage firm. Seeking a better quality of life for him and his young family, he decided to relocate from London to Marbella in March 2020. He brings with him an abundance of knowledge and experience, spanning multiple sectors. Julien heads up the Rental Department, looks after our buy-to-rent investors and focuses on Homerun’s continued expansion.

Fernanda Collet


Born and raised in Brazil, Fernanda’s professional background is a mixture of law and real estate. She passed the Bar in 2004 and moved to London shortly after to complete her master’s degree (LLM) at King’s College. Having passed with merit, she went on to enjoy a successful career working for global corporate law firms for over 11 years.

As she has always been involved in real estate, handling her family’s portfolio, in 2016 she decided to join forces with her husband Julien Collet and co-run their UK consultancy and brokerage firm.

Being from a tropical country and naturally missing the sunshine, she relocated to Marbella from London with her husband and two young boys in 2020. Fernanda is extremely committed, well organised and fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. At Homerun, she works alongside Julien in the Rental Department and, given her background in Law, she also handles a lot of our in-house legal work.

Steff Cuypers


Steff is originally from Belgium and recently moved to Marbella in search of a better quality of life for his family, as he loves the idea of his two year old practicing outdoor activities in the sun all year around.

Steff started his career in sales at the age of 18. He worked at a start up that is now a renown company in Belgium. He begun as a Sales Coach managing over a hundred trainees and further on as a Project Manager. Steff’s sales career has developed from selling small articles to vehicles to high end real estate. He has learned to understand and supply his clients needs and requirements.

Steff is a calm and paced team member yet very ambitious who loved a good challenge. He loves to help people grow, whether it’s by find the perfect property for his clients or supporting his colleagues to bring out the best in them. Steff is a team player.

Jessica Hammargren


Jessica is born and raised in Stockholm. Before finding her home in this paradise we call Marbella, she spent five years living in Los Angeles, California. She studied Business and Digital Marketing at UCLA and later on acquired Marketing related jobs before she developed a further interest in sales.

It’s fair to say that her Marketing experience has helped her understand her clients and become a natural talent in sales with now up to 12 years of experience with great attention to detail.

Jessica is a friendly, approachable and motivated team member that does not only help her clients find their dream home, but also help them to get to know the Marbella lifestyle.

Elin Andrèsen


Elin is a Swedish native raised in Strömstad who moved to Marbella with her family in search for a life under the sun.

She is an ambitious and goal oriented individual who has always had a passion for luxury real estate. Over the past few years she has been project managing various developments, which have been successfully sold once completed. Hence her great knowledge of Marbella’s market. 

Further more, Elin is very creative and enthusiastic and pays great attention to detail. Previously, she has also worked as a personal trainer. She is a social individual who loves working with people and helping them reach their goals.

Joachim Årthun


Joachim is originally from Norway. He is an energetic and curious individual with a special talent when it comes to building relationships. He loves a good fight and feeds off challenge when it comes to finding solutions and the perfect home for his clients. 

Joachim has dedicated his career to sales to the point where he has became a sales coach as well as a lecturer in various seminars. He started off as an insurance agent and later on in 2018, developed into founding a footwear company with a unique initiative that did not yet exist in the Norwegian market. He believes that focusing on results is the key to success!

As a side project, Joachim started renovating properties which led to a further interest into real estate and started his own rental assistance company. After various holidays spent in Marbella, it’s now time for him to take a step further and make the move and continue his passion from a sunnier position. 

Jennifer Rocamora


Jennifer, a Marbella native of Dutch origin, is a knowledgeable marketing and communications professional with over ten years of experience.

She earned her BA Hons degree in Fashion Merchandising Management at
the University of Westminster in London, whilst also developing a strong interest in foreign countries. She continued her career in Mexico City where she worked in PR and Communications at Condé Nast. Here she was responsible for Vogue and Architectural Digest editorials before moving back to Marbella in 2018.

Jennifer is fluent in Spanish, English, Dutch and French. In addition to her great local knowledge, she is a trusted, reliable, creative and enthusiastic team member with strong organisational and communication skills.

Tessa Arts


Tessa was born in Malaga to Dutch parents and has lived on the Costa del Sol for most of her life. She is fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English. Following her passion for creativity and diversity early on, she embarked on a career in event management, fashion and modelling straight after finishing her secondary education in the Netherlands.

She has worked in London and Barcelona alongside top designers, organised and coordinated multiple eco-friendly weddings as well as art exhibitions and participated in numerous fashion shows and photo shoots.

She joined the Homerun team in 2020 and works with Jennifer focusing on the company’s marketing strategies, branding, growth and social media.

Coco Rubio


Coco is a passionate photographer from Málaga coming from a family of photographers and sea lovers with a particular interest in Kitesurfing and Sailing. His father was a renown photographer from Málaga specialised in architecture and interior photography, shooting some of the most renown luxury developments at the time.

Coco followed his fathers steps for as long as he remembers starting at his photography studio in the heart of the city of Malaga. He later on wanted to expand his career and moved to Barcelona and re directed his focus towards events such as cinema festivals, weddings, portraits and editorials. After several years he decides to move back to Marbella and focus his portfolio in Real Estate and Interior Design photography.

His style is fresh and elegant. A real southern local with great knowledge of the mediterranean culture and lifestyle.

Luke Stones


Luke was born and raised on the southern coast of England. He found his way into film & media through his love of movies and the rise of online digital platforms like Youtube.

With over 10 years of experience, Luke started off his interest in film by making short movies with his friends in his spare time. This led him into studying film in high school and later going on to pursue digital media in college.

At the same time, Luke has also been competing and traveling around the world as a professional Parkour athlete. Luke used his filmmaking skills to publish and advertise his career online. Through this Luke has made films for reputable brands such as Monster Energy, Lacoste, and Puma sports.

In 2020 Luke moved to Marbella to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle and is now focusing his energy on making high-quality groundbreaking films in the real estate industry for Homerun Brokers.

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