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Iris Abdullajev

Iris originally comes from Estonia, but found herself drawn to the beauty of Marbella in 2022.

Iris is an ambitious and hard working young entrepreneur driven by a relentless desire to achieve and face new challenges. Having explored over 30 countries, she connects with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

With a fervent passion for continuous growth, Iris holds dual university degrees in project management and law, reflecting her dedication to personal and professional development. Prior to joining Homerun Brokers, Iris spent four years refining her skills with her hometown’s leading real estate developer, gaining invaluable insights into property development and the broader real estate industry.

Her insatiable curiosity for new skills and challenges drives her to learn and grow in every aspect of life. Whether conquering a new professional milestone or embarking on another adventure, she is committed to giving it her all.

Iris speaks Estonian, English and Russian.

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