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Is anyone buying a holiday home at the moment?

9 October, 2020.

At the moment the world is facing an unfamiliar and uncertain situation never lived before, and people tend to tag the unknown as a negative. However, crisis equals opportunity. At Homerun Brokers, we have a high volume of clients seeking investment properties. So to the question if anyone is buying into a holiday home at the moment, the answer is yes.

Investing in real estate is one of the best assets you can acquire. It is a tangible way to accumulate wealth in a fixed asset and park your cash in an appreciating place that has the potential to provide passive income. Marbella is a great place for this, due to it being a popular holiday destination with brilliant ever lasting characteristics such as its culture, microclimate, accessibility and much more.

Another reason why people are buying into holiday homes at an increased rate is because of the fear of the near future. Lockdown is better spent in a warm and sunny climate. We are selling various
properties to clients who want to be prepared in case of another lockdown situation.