Moving to Marbella is good for you.

4 March, 2022

Be inspired by nature to improve your physical wellbeing.

Health and wellness go hand in hand with life in Marbella. This ‘city by the sea’ is a place to seamlessly connect physical wellbeing with a privileged lifestyle. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, energy levels are always at a peak here and it’s a thrill to do your favourite sporting activity outdoors or indoors in good company.
Of course, when people think Costa del Sol, they think sandy beaches. But beach fitness is just a small part of it. What strikes a newcomer to Marbella is the sheer diversity of physical health and fitness options that would be the envy of larger cosmopolitan cities. With its backdrop of stunning hills, it seems like lush-green nature is watching over Marbella, even all winter.
What’s not to like about training in Marbella? We’re a can-do kind of place, so get out there and enjoy the great outdoors and nature and soak up the vitamin D. Marbella offers activities and fitness for all kind of ages and levels. There is something for everyone.

The I/O – bringing nature indoors.

We at Homerun Brokers practice what we preach: everyone on our team came here to Marbella in part to connect to a healthier lifestyle and be good to ourselves.
And one of our most inspiring and motivating destinations for fitness is the I/O health club, close to the beach in San Pedro. Here they have really succeeded in bringing indoors all Marbella’s positive natural energy. All of us go here weekly with our different goals and abilities. I/O – Input/output, you get out what you put in.

You will find everything from a full-equipment gym to classes, large indoor and outdoor spaces and functional zones to get you moving and fitter. The I/O crew are well trained and professional, delivering personal training if you need a one-to-one boost or group fitness classes. You’re always in good hands so you can focus on pursuing your goals with confidence around elegant energy.
One of the things we like about the I/O is that it’s an exclusive members’ only club, so it’s a safe space where you can relax and really focus on your personal wellness and fitness.
And this sense of relaxation and focus is enhanced by the I/O’s amazing interior design that really brings nature indoors. Unlike the harshly lit and stark boxes of many other gyms, at the I/ O the design is remarkable for its soothing yet invigorating spirit. We love the feeling on entering the club of restoring both body and soul with energy, calm and inspiration to successfully make it through our workout.


In  fact,  the  I/O  follows  the  trend  of  using  nature  inspired elements as we see on new developments and renovations in real estate and new homes; health-giving and at peace with nature. This is exactly what the I/O team set out to achieve – to create the same kind of balance of relaxation and energy for members as they feel in their own living spaces.

The colour palate is made up of muted tones and earthy colours that warm the entire space. They have selected choice elements of natural materials and woods, which add to the sense of outdoors meeting indoors, flooded with sunlight from the large windows, and a mix of materials from natural stone to open concrete that create a wonderful dynamic. We are impressed with what they have done, reaching the perfect balance of all the materials and colours. In fact, you’ll also find the same contemporary, yet natural tones and outdoors-indoors energy at the I/O in many of the properties Homerun Brokers has on offer to buy or rent. That’s probably why we enjoy the I/O so much. As  always  in  Marbella,  you  feel  perfectly  at home here, even at your health club!