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"The secret is simple: tell a true story well.
Preparation is the key to success." - Alexander Graham Bell

Looking to sell your home? List your property exclusively with Homerun Brokers.

Welcome to your premier partner in marketing and selling properties in Marbella and its surroundings! Backed by our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we assure you of exceptional results.

At Homerun Brokers, synergy is key. Our collaborative approach ensures that our marketing and sales departments work closely together, crafting the perfect strategy to showcase your home effectively. From laying the foundation at Home Base to achieving the ultimate Homerun, our integrated strategy guarantees a successful sale tailored to your unique needs.

Check out our step-by-step guide when listing your property exclusively with us


Preparations | have all documentation ready

Once you have decided you want to sell your property it is important that everything is ready for the starting gun.

The first step in the sales process is to collect information about your property including all the finances. From operating costs, repairs and how much you bought the property for so that our agents can help you access the market value and advise an accurate asking price. 

Documentation you will need (or we will help you get) includes:

  • Nota simple - document confirming legal status of the property
  • Escritura - title deeds
  • Water and electricity contracts or bills
  • Basura - payment receipt for refuse collection
  • Last IBI receipt - the annual local property tax
  • Community fee - membership of residents’ association
  • Energy certificate 

And of course owners’ passport/ID and NIE (Spanish tax ID number).

Personalised Marketing Strategy

We specialise in crafting SMART marketing strategies that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound for every property we handle.

Our dedicated Marketing and Sales team then customises a unique marketing plan tailored specifically to your property. This plan incorporates persuasive content, comprehensive specifications, and transparent pricing, all strategically designed to captivate the ideal audience. Leveraging the distinct character of your property, we lay the groundwork for a successful sales campaign. 

Content Creation: Professional photography & videography

Taking professional photos and a video of your property is crucial for effective marketing. We provide valuable tips to prepare your property for the best presentation. We collaborate with top-tier videographers and photographers along the coast, alongside our exceptional in-house creative team, to produce additional, highly imaginative content for our social platforms. 



List on platforms | CRM

Following the completion of the marketing material package, we showcase your property on our website, which enjoys a monthly influx of over 10,000 unique visitors. Furthermore, we list your property on prominent real estate platforms such as Inmobalia, Resales, and Idealista. These platforms cater to a diverse pool of potential buyers and fellow agents, amplifying its visibility and significantly improving the likelihood of connecting with qualified buyers actively seeking properties similar to yours. 

Social Media | Promotion

We maintain a robust presence on social media and take a unique approach to our marketing efforts. Social media plays a pivotal role, offering substantial value. Your property will not only be featured on our website but also extensively promoted across all our social media platforms, which encompass LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We boast a substantial following of over 32,000 individuals and reach over 100,000 users, a mix of clients and fellow agents, ensuring that your property garners widespread attention and engagement. 

Newsletter | Network reach

With our experienced agents and an extensive client database at our disposal, we strategically craft a series of personalised newsletters to spotlight the distinctive features of your property. For instance, if it's a golf front villa, we tailor our messaging to resonate with golf enthusiasts. Similarly, for properties boasting numerous rooms on the top level and situated in gated communities, we adopt a family-centric approach. These newsletters are meticulously designed to sow the seeds of interest in the minds of our audience. We distribute this sequence of newsletters, featuring your property, to our expansive database, which comprises over 10,000 clients and agents. 

Property Viewings

Once all the previous steps have been successfully executed, we move on to the next phase: viewings. We have a unique approach, preferring to conduct individual viewings before arranging an open house event. This deliberate sequence creates the impression that the property isn’t fully on the market yet, generating a sense of heightened interest. The longer the property maintains this “off-market” aura, the greater its sense of exclusivity and freshness, which can ultimately enhance its appeal to potential buyers.


Open house | Event

To provide an added boost to the property's visibility and to keep it at the forefront of agents' minds, we take an additional step by organising an open house event. This invitation is extended to a select group of over 5,000 luxury real estate agents along the coast. Our dedicated marketing team will collaborate with you to strategise the open house, ensuring it not only aligns with your preferences but also highlights the property's distinct features, creating an exclusive and unforgettable experience. We consistently infuse a unique and enjoyable concept into these events, ensuring they leave a lasting impression, making the property a memorable choice when clients come looking for their ideal home.

Moreover, depending on the specific property, we might choose to host an exclusive private open house. During such events, we carefully curate a smaller, handpicked group of experienced agents. This approach allows our listing agent to allocate more focused attention to this select group, ensuring that the property is presented in the best possible light. 

Property follow up | Review

Following approximately three months on the market, our seasoned sales team actively assesses the property's reception within the market. If, during this initial period, we do not observe substantial and high-quality interest, it becomes clear that adjustments may be required. These adjustments may encompass a reevaluation of the pricing strategy or the consideration of property styling, among other factors. Our primary focus is on heeding the feedback and signals from the market, and if necessary, we will coordinate a meeting with you to collectively formulate a fresh action plan moving forward. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure the successful sale of your property, and we are dedicated to adapting and refining our approach as needed to secure the optimal results. 

Step by step Marketing Strategy overview by Homerun Brokers.

In conclusion, entrusting the exclusive listing of your property to an agency offers a multitude of benefits that significantly enhance your selling experience. By doing so, you gain access to specialized expertise, extensive marketing resources, and dedicated professionals committed to maximizing the value of your investment. Exclusivity ensures that your property receives focused attention, allowing for a tailored approach that targets the most qualified buyers and optimizes negotiation outcomes.

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